Why Learn German?

Why do it? Why spend time studying German instead of watching TV or just chilling out? Why is learning German important? Some answers might be obvious, but if you do what people do now with important questions – ask Google – these are some of the reasons you’ll find:

  • Business Advantage – Being bilingual can give a job applicant a competitive edge in an increasingly global economy.
  • Brain Exercise – Studies show learning another language enhances listening skills, boosts creativity, improves memory, and can even stave off Alzheimer’s and dementia for some people.
  • Enhance Travel – Learning German can help make the most of travels not only in German-speaking countries, but also in many other countries where German is widely spoken.
  • Language Proficiency – Focusing on the structures of another language can help you better understand your own language.
  • Meet People – Not only can you meet people when you travel and experience their culture, but you meet classmates and share the language learning experience.

There are many excellent reasons to learn German, and there are at least three excellent reasons to learn German at German School Phoenix:

  • Atmosphere – The teachers at German School Phoenix are warm, friendly and encouraging.
  • Quality – Though the class atmosphere is relaxed, the instructional standards are high.
  • Value – German School Phoenix provides the most “bang for the buck” of the options I explored while searching for a German class.

So come join us and have some fun learning German at German School Phoenix!

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