On September 20th, Dr. Jerry Wood will be the first in a series of distinguished guests scheduled to visit the German School Phoenix during the fall 2014 semester. Dr. Wood was the first director of the former Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress (DANK) school. He will address the beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

The guest speaker program will include the visitors listed below. Dates for each speaker will be posted in the coming weeks on the calendar page.

  • Dr. Jerry Wood, former director of DANK school
  • Dieter Bollmann, the president of the AZ Center for Germanic Cultures
  • Christine Colley, the organizer of the Phoenix Oktoberfest
  • Dr. Helge Jordan, the German Honorary Consul
  • Dr. Wolfgang Klien, the Austrian Honorary Consul
  • Dr. Sara Lee, the premier German ASU scholar on bilingual education
  • Ingeborg Mack, the organizer of the Phoenix German Weihnachtsgottesdienst

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