GSP Classes Offer Path to College Credits

German language skills learned in German School Phoenix classes can be used to earn college credits thanks to a partnership between the school and Glendale Community College (GCC).  GSP and GCC use the same textbook, Kontakte, so when a GSP student feels ready to take a college final exam covering the textbook material, they can contact the GCC Admissions Office and arrange to take the test after paying GCC tuition.   The Kontakte chapters covered in GCC courses are as follows:

  • GCC German 101 – Kontakte Einführung A through Kapitel 3
  • GCC German 102 – Kontakte Kapitel 4 through Kapitel 8
  • GCC German 201 – Kontakte Kapitel 9 through Kapitel 12
  • GCC German 202 – Various articles, films and short stories

If the GSP student passes the test, four college credits are awarded.  If the GSP student fails the test, no credit is awarded and the tuition is not refunded.  For further information, GSP students should contact their GSP teacher or GSP Director, Dierk Seeburg.

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