German Classes Spring 2016 Open for Registration

Classes Starting Soon

I hope that you are enjoying this holiday break with your families and friends. Our teachers and staff are getting rejuvenated and will be ready to welcome you back on Saturday, January 16th. Speaking as a former teacher, as much as we love and need these breaks, we are excited to get back to the classroom in a little more than a couple of weeks!

New Event Planned

Building on our very successful Gingerbread House Auction at the end of the fall 2015 semester we are again planning another benefit event, this time around a wonderful German Easter-themed custom: decorating Easter eggs! It should be another great experience for everyone!


Registration for the spring 2016 semester is open now – all students must register, including those registered previously. Please go to to securely register online. If you have registered previously, you may fill in “on file” in all fields but name and email address, unless there has been a change, of course.

Happy New Year,
Dierk Seeburg
Director, German School Phoenix

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