Why we have the best teachers

In the excitement of signing up for a new language class, you think about all the people you will be able to communicate with. Perhaps you have a destination vacation planned, or you have family or friends who know another language and you want to impress them with your amazing vocabulary and linguistic knowledge.

However, so often we get into a classroom with teachers who stand in the front of the room drilling vocab lists and rules of grammar. You spend your class time taking notes and cramming lists into your brain for the next test. But what you miss out on, it the opportunities to USE the language.

Not at the German School Phoenix. Our teachers work closely with our small classes and encourage speaking throughout the classrooms. Students work towards conversational abilities and learn through practice.

Right on track. https://www.edutopia.org/blog/in-language-classrooms-students-should-be-talking-sarah-wike-loyola

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