German Easter Traditions

The Easter weekend is upon us and it’s always fun to look at traditions from around the world.  Dying Easter eggs is one of the oldest traditions for Easter time.  Some say that the egg is linked to fertility.  Others point out that traditionally during Lent, eggs were banned.  People would then decorate them and celebrate by eating the festive eggs on Easter morning.

Easter eggs and the Easter egg tree was a tradition brought to the United States from German Immigrants.  The eggs would first be blown, and then painted before you hang them on a tree.  Although the tree portion didn’t catch on in popularity in the United States, you can still find Easter Trees as a tradition throughout Germany.

German Traditions
  • Note – The most famous Easter Egg tree was located in an apple tree in the garden of Volker Kraft in Saalfeld, Thuringia.  The family has ended this tradition in 2015 with a climax of 10,000 eggs.  Most of the eggs were then donated to a local museum.

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