How much can a baby remember?

Do you remember the lullaby that your Grandma sang to you while you were 6 months old?  No?  This study shows that if Grandma sang the song to you again, chances are it would sound familiar to you, even if you haven’t heard it since you were 6 months old.  Language and it’s vocal patterns can also be identified by infants as young as 3 months.

Happy 70th Anniversary!

Anniversary’s are special.  They mark a milestone of a life shared together with all it’s ups and downs.  Merle and Helen Pipho hold a special place with the German School Phoenix as well.  20 years ago, they worked to start a school to teach local adults and children the German language.  Since then over 500 students, both children and adults, have attended German classes presented by what is now named German School Phoenix.

Helen and Merle celebrate another momentous milestone.  They are celebrating 70 years of marriage.  Keep on dancing… even when the music stops. Sing that special song in your hearts… even when it sounds off key. Only true love like yours can create a lifetime of cherished memories… and a romance that last forever.  We wish you a very Happy Anniversary!

Founders of the German School Phoenix
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