Our teachers celebrate German week

As we work our way through this week our amazing German teachers are preparing for class on Saturday. We are celebrating National German week and our teachers are ready!

In the children’s class, students will be coloring Hannah the Bear. She is a good friend of Flat Stanley and is looking forward to the many locations the kids will take her.

The beginners 2 class will be reading about “Tag der Deutschen Einheit” and have a Germany quiz (heads up!)

Beginners 1 and intermediate classes have learned about the history, meaning, and celebration of “Der Tag der Deutschen Einheit”
– Watched video footage explaining this Feiertag and original footage of November 9, 1989
– Studied vocabulary pertinent to this day
-Took the AATG Quiz about “Der Tag der Deutschen Einheit” as a Homework assignment
– In celebration of the “fringe benefits” of learning (and teaching!) German, we ate German sausage, tasted 3 different types of German bread, including the famous Pumpernickel, laced with original German “Senf” and “Currysoße”, and indulged in Zimtgebäck, learning food and utensil vocabulary along the way. Lecker!

The advanced class will be taking a fun German Cultural trivia quiz!

Join us as we celebrate on Saturday!


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