Dr. Albrecht Classen, Guest Speaker

Imagine that you’re told to attend a presentation made by a distinguished professor who specializes in the history of medieval and early modern German and European literature and culture from about 800 to 1800. Would you expect to be bored by a dry, serious presentation?

If that distinguished professor is Dr. Albrecht Classen, then that expectation would be wrong. Very wrong.   Just ask any of the students, faculty and friends of German School Phoenix who were fortunate to meet Dr. Classen on Saturday, January 27th. Everyone there was captivated by his enthusiasm, inspired by his energy, and disappointed when his presentation had to come to an end.

Dr. Classen talked to the group about the history and development of European languages and the relationship between English and German.   During his visit to classrooms before the presentation, he emphasized the importance of understanding history and appreciating what it can teach us about the present.

Currently serving as University Distinguished Professor and Undergraduate Advisor in the Department of German Studies at the University of Arizona, Dr. Classen has studied at several universities in Germany, Spain, Great Britain and the United States. For more information about Dr. Classen’s background and publications, please visit http://aclassen.faculty.arizona.edu/.

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