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Interview with Paola Layton


We are very happy to have student feedback from our latest Speaker, Prof. Dr. Albrecht Classen. The students at German School Phoenix were particularly impressed with his talk and we were able to interview Paola Leyton for her honest opinions. Paola is a new student at German School Phoenix. She had previously studied German in Zurich and Chile, but is now continuing her language learning with us.

This was the first speaker Paola had seen. In the past, we have invited local Germans, Professors and even the Honorary German Consulate to speak to our students. Paola felt that Prof. Dr. Classen’s lecture was “very simple, very open and sincere”. He spoke at great length about the linguistic relationship between English and German and how it has evolved. For example, in northern Germany there are many words that are pronounced very similar in English. Where in the south of Germany, the pronunciation takes on a very different dialect and linguists find fewer English sounds. Paola tells us that “[she] enjoyed everything. He did a good summary about what German means. [I was] able to refresh my memory and hopefully start speaking [German] again.”

Many Thanks to Paola Layton for taking the time to answer all our questions!


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