It’s ok to feel ….. and find a balance.

Oh so many emotions this week. It’s the last week in the house. This house I have loved and hated. This house that somewhere along the line became my home. I will miss the pool. I’m happy to see the end of packing and selling. I am sad to leave family and friends. I’m so excited to live in Europe.

The kids are feeling it. R has been sad to say goodbye to her friends. K isn’t sleeping and we are solidly back into diapers. But we have our moments of excitement too. What will our new rooms look like? How should we decorate?   R is looking forward to gymnastics again in the fall. K has only been talking about the different kinds of trash trucks. But hey, it makes him happy. Lol

We’ve been trying to balance our days. Time to play and visit with family and friends. Time to pack 5 more boxes and haul stuff outside for the last garage sale. They are long days. Good days. Almost doesn’t feel like we are leaving because we are still running errands, doing play dates, getting milk… except we have no more dishes to eat on.

I’ve been telling the kids it’s ok. It’s ok to feel happy. It’s ok to feel sad. It’s ok to be excited. It’s ok to miss people. It’s all in finding a balance.

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