It’s over and just begun

It’s official. We are no longer Arizona homeowners. This past week was a week of hard goodbyes. We said goodbye (temporarily) to our beloved cats as they stay with an amazing friend who will bring them back to us. We said goodbye to our neighbors, which was really the best neighborhood I’ve lived in a long time, wonderful people. We said goodbye to our stuff as it gets shipped to Germany on the slow boat. And we said goodbye to our house.

They say that moving is one of the most stressful things a couple can do. The good news is that we are a united front on wanting this move, encouraging our children and getting excited for departure. Yet, the stress of the unknown is still there and we have crashed and burned this weekend all with terrible colds. We are staying in Flagstaff and we were really blessed with our family visiting us this weekend. They took such good care of us while we continue to sleep our way back into good health.

I think leaving family and friends is definitely the hardest part of this move. We have an awesome connection with our family and frequently get to see both sides of our siblings. It is the part I’ve struggled with the most, separating my kids from cousins they love. But, I know in my heart this is the right thing to do. They are blessed to have more second cousins in Germany they get to know, and first cousins in Slovakia. We will find friends and get to know family better. And I love the fact we can face time family every week for free.

So for now, we are focused on wrapping up in Arizona. We are focused on getting healthy for our Grand European tour. And we are fully focused on our children as we jump in with both feet!

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