Feeling better and getting excited!

This has been a good week. Relaxing out in the woods, visiting with family and good friends, and finally getting on antibiotics. It’s been a week of rest and I’m glad we planned the extra time in on this side of the pond.

We have also spent our days hunting down reception for internet and simple phone calls. We have always enjoyed staying out in the woods for the novelty of unplugging. However, that is not so much of a novelty when we are trying to finalize banking, translate documents, and sell our last car. So we’ve headed into Flagstaff, dropped M off at the library to work and the kids and I have found parks, gone shopping at the NAU bookstore and found things to keep us occupied.

We have also been blessed with friends who are willing to make the drive north to see us one last time. A dear friend came for lunch on Wednesday so the kids could play and we wandered around downtown. My best friend and her family came to visit the weekend and the kids had a blast watching it rain, playing in the mud, watching Incredibles 2 and we all had a very competitive game of Clue Junior! My favorite part was still playing cards, but I’m weird like that! Lol

Father’s day was spent with the head of the Linke clan. We ate good German food, played in a huge pool with waterslides and diving boards. K loved the toddler area, and R was super brave going down the waterslide multiple times and jumping off the diving board and even jumped off the high board! She dared me to jump too and mom showed her how to dive off the board. A good time was had by all!

It still feels like vacation. It still blows my mind that we leave, permanently to Germany this Friday. We keep wandering around telling ourselves that the adventure has begun, and so far I’m having a good time.

Our neighbors this week:

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