We have arrived!

What a whirlwind week. We sold the truck on Monday, packed up the cabin and said goodbye to Flagstaff on Tuesday. Stayed with friends who are watching our furbabies. Then had to say goodbye to our dear friends and all of our furbabies again. The cats will at some point be reunited with us, but we are looking at a long time in between. Since we didn’t have a firm destination, we couldn’t find a way for any of our pets to come with us until later. Then stayed with my brother and his family until we flew.

We were blessed to enjoy family and friends this week. We felt very loved and cared for all week. Friday morning saw us attempting to spread the weight of our stuff out into 2 suitcases, 2 hiking backpacks, 4 duffel bags, 4 carry-on rollers and 4 backpacks. My brother and his wife generously wore out the kids in the pool and trampoline before we left. My brother took us to the airport where M’s whole clan came to send us off.

All of our luggage

The flight was uneventful. K hadn’t napped, so he fell asleep right away and woke up right before they served breakfast. R loved being able to watch movies on the TV and mom let her stay up until midnight to help with the jet lag. Then she fell asleep until just before we landed. I binged watched movies. I need about 3 more trips to really catch up for the year, but I feel like I got a good dose of Marvel. Lol

Through the airport

We are staying in Russelsheim for this week. We found our studio apartment quite easily. It’s in a fantastic location! We are in the middle of town, 5 minute walk to the train station, 5 minutes from the Main River, 5 minutes from a park and the bakery and grocery store are right around the corner. (Yes, those are separate stores.)

We got up Sunday morning… well, we got up at 2 am and played for about 3 hours before we all crashed at 5 am. Then we “got up” at 11 am. Jet leg is so fun. We decided to wander around the area and discovered a huge car show down by the Main River. So much fun! Kids played at the park, we ate brats and gelato, and we looked at all the cars, took a spin on a carousel and then watched the swans in the river. We came back for a nap and then enjoyed pizza outside on a pedestrian street. It was a great day!

Watching the Swans on the Main River

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