One year later

It’s been a full year since we got on that flight to Germany. One year since we sold everything, said goodbye and followed a dream. It’s been a tough year. It’s been a good year. We struggled together and we got stronger together. We learned.

We still miss our family and friends.   But life goes on. We are making good friends here too. We celebrated our second 4th of July here. Burgers, brats, potato salad, soccer and surrounded by good friends.

We’ve been very blessed to have visitors from AZ for the last 4 weeks. It’s amazing to step back into that friendship and show them all the wonderful places we have found around here. We’ve taken weekend and day trips to show off as much of Germany as possible, and then crashed out for a couple of days as the kids (and us) rest and re-coop from museums and tours.

K is doing great at his kindergarten (preschool). He just had his big summer festival party, I helped out with face painting and donated American Chocolate Chip cookies (an unheard of delicacy apparently). He showed off his artwork and we met a few more of his friends.

R is still in school. This is her last week before summer break. Germany staggers when all of the schools take summer break so that the entire country doesn’t shut down on vacation. We leave Saturday for our big family trip! We are getting so excited; we’re renting a large van so we can travel together with our friends. I’ve planned a very big tour, we’ll see how it goes with 4 adults and 4 kids.

M still likes his job with the city of Duisburg. They really like him too and have been giving him bigger projects. He gets out of the office a few times a week to oversee traffic lights, either the ones that were just broken or installation of new ones.

And I am doing good too. Collette has offered me a few tours coming up. I’m doing 2 this fall and 5 next year for the Oberammergau Passion Play. It feels good to be prepping for a bit of work. The kids will stay in after school and in Kindergarten the whole day and M will work his magic. He’s an awesome dad.

And in-between we travel, we play together, we see stuff. Life is good.

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