Let’s Talk About German Thanksgiving!

Prost! Or “cheers” in English, is what all the Germans say during the autumn festivals of thanks known as Erntedank. While Erntedank is not a direct match to the American holiday of Thanksgiving, it is the closest thing that Germany and other German-speaking countries have. Thanksgiving is celebrated in American on one day out of the year with a large feast and a gathering of friends and family. Often the day includes parades, sporting matches and general displays of gratitude and togetherness. Many Americans across the country even eat versions of the same meal, with turkey, cranberry sauce, bread stuffing and other casseroles making an appearance on many tables.

So how does the tradition of Enterdank in Germany compare to its American cousin? Let’s check it out:

  1. Erntedank does not take place on one day, it is more of an autumn festival period that is usually celebrated over September and October, and sometimes November in some regions.
  2. Erntedank also includes Oktoberfest and any Halloween-related celebrations that some German regions may have as well.
  3. There are not many special traditional foods that Germans eat during Erntedank, but turkey or goose usually make an appearance!

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