Valentine’s Day in Germany

Happy Valentine’s Day to all, but especially our students and those in the small but passionate German community in Arizona! We hope this is a day filled with love, peace and the really important thing in life, chocolate.

For most Americans, Valentine’s Day is a pretty commercialized holiday that generally involves the buying of small, sentimental presents like cards, candy and flowers. But have you ever wondered what it’s like in other countries? Or whether other countries celebrate it at all? Let’s take a dive into Valentine’s day in Germany!

Valentine’s Day in Germany does not actually make as big of an impact as it does in America. In fact, Valentine’s Day has only grown in popularity over the past few decades. It’s celebrated much as it is in America, by honoring one’s love for their romantic partners with candy, sweets, flowers, balloons and cards. Germany does, however, have a few odd traditions that are not known or observed in America.

A popular symbol for Valentine’s Day in Germany, often found on cards and trinkets, is a little pig holding out flowers, balloons or four-leaf clovers. These cute little piglets are supposed to represent both love and luck to those who receive them. They can even be found as chocolate carvings, much like the Easter Bunny! Another popular tradition in Germany is the giving of a giant ginger cookie in the shape of a heart. This treat is often decorated with icing and given to the bearer of one’s affections.

All in all, Valentine’s Day in Germany is a lighthearted holiday that can be celebrated with friends and family as well as romantic interests. Happy chocolate eating!

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