Mozart’s “Die Zauberflöte” coming to Phoenix

A great opportunity to hear German dialog live on stage is coming to Phoenix soon. Jerry Harbin, a student at German School Phoenix, recently alerted his classmates about an upcoming performance of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) that will be presented by the Arizona Opera Company at Phoenix Symphony Hall on February 27th, 28th and March 1st.

Die Zauberflöte is in the form of a Singspiel, a popular form that includes both singing and spoken dialogue, similar to a musical. The Arizona Opera Company’s production will be sung in German with English supertitles.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit

GSP Speakers at Rio Salado College

Two German School Phoenix staff members were guest speakers for International Education Week at Rio Salado College. On Tuesday, November 18th, Director Dierk Seeburg and Instructor Doris Neyestani talked to students about German life and culture.  The presentation took place over lunch, for which the Rio Salado Cafe featured a variety of German foods.



GSP Receives Grant from DANK

German School Phoenix has received a grant from the Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress (DANK).  Dierk Seeburg, School Director, sent the following message to the DANK membership to thank them for their support:  

Dear DANK members,


Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to present at the September 2014 DANK membership meeting on behalf of the German School Phoenix.  It was great to meet all of you and speak to you in person about our cause and efforts to grow our school.


Your president Jerry Wood was kind enough to let me know that you have decided to extend a grant to our school in the amount of USD $200.  We thank you for your financial support and appreciate you taking the time to listen to our plans for the school.  The funds will help prepare and distribute useful and approved material related to the German language and culture to the German School Phoenix.  In addition, we hope to use some of the money for professional development of our teachers to attend to a local conference.


By supporting the German School Phoenix you have chosen to fulfill part of your organization’s educational mission.  Your action will help preserve the German language in the United States and prevent it from being eliminated from many schools, leaving Spanish and French as the only available choices.  By sponsoring the German School Phoenix you are supporting German language studies and promoting the teaching of German culture, arts, music and sciences.


We appreciate the trust you put in the German School Phoenix, its leaders, teachers, administrators, and volunteers, and we will honor that trust by putting forward our best effort to fulfill our mission to be the best little German school in the West.


On behalf of everyone at the German School Phoenix,


Thank you,
Dierk Seeburg, M.S., C.L.P.M.
Director, German School Phoenix

GSP Classes Offer Path to College Credits

German language skills learned in German School Phoenix classes can be used to earn college credits thanks to a partnership between the school and Glendale Community College (GCC).  GSP and GCC use the same textbook, Kontakte, so when a GSP student feels ready to take a college final exam covering the textbook material, they can contact the GCC Admissions Office and arrange to take the test after paying GCC tuition.   The Kontakte chapters covered in GCC courses are as follows:

  • GCC German 101 – Kontakte Einführung A through Kapitel 3
  • GCC German 102 – Kontakte Kapitel 4 through Kapitel 8
  • GCC German 201 – Kontakte Kapitel 9 through Kapitel 12
  • GCC German 202 – Various articles, films and short stories

If the GSP student passes the test, four college credits are awarded.  If the GSP student fails the test, no credit is awarded and the tuition is not refunded.  For further information, GSP students should contact their GSP teacher or GSP Director, Dierk Seeburg.


On September 20th, Dr. Jerry Wood will be the first in a series of distinguished guests scheduled to visit the German School Phoenix during the fall 2014 semester. Dr. Wood was the first director of the former Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress (DANK) school. He will address the beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

The guest speaker program will include the visitors listed below. Dates for each speaker will be posted in the coming weeks on the calendar page.

  • Dr. Jerry Wood, former director of DANK school
  • Dieter Bollmann, the president of the AZ Center for Germanic Cultures
  • Christine Colley, the organizer of the Phoenix Oktoberfest
  • Dr. Helge Jordan, the German Honorary Consul
  • Dr. Wolfgang Klien, the Austrian Honorary Consul
  • Dr. Sara Lee, the premier German ASU scholar on bilingual education
  • Ingeborg Mack, the organizer of the Phoenix German Weihnachtsgottesdienst

Guest Speaker Schedule Announced

The German School Phoenix is pleased to announce that special guest speakers will be visiting the beginner, intermediate and advanced classes during the fall 2014 semester. The first visit will take place on September 20th, with two more guest speakers in October and another four in November. Here is the list of speakers and the dates for their visits:

  • September 20th – Dr. Jerry Wood, the former director of the former Deutsch Amerikanisher National Kongress (DANK) school
  • October 11th – Dr. Wolfgang Klien, the Austrian Honorary Consul
  • October 18th – Dr. Sara Lee, the premier German ASU scholar on bilingual education
  • November 1st – Dr. Helge Jordan, the German Honorary Consul
  • November 8th – Christine Colley, the organizer of the Phoenix Oktoberfest
  • November 15th – Dieter Bollmann, the president of the AZ Center for Germanic Cultures
  • November 22nd – Ingeborg Mack, the organizer of the Phoenix German Weihnachtsgottesdienst


On Saturday, September 13th, Dierk Seeburg, Director of the German School Phoenix, announced to a gathering of students from all classes that a new scholarship had been established. The scholarship is made possible through support from the Arizona Center for Germanic Cultures (AC4GC), and is named in honor of Merle & Helen Pipho, the founders and current administrators of the school who supported and nurtured it since its beginning in 1995.

Scholarship recipients will be selected by the German School Phoenix teachers and management based on student scholastic ability, leadership, and service. The initial award ceremony will take place on the last day of classes for the fall 2014 semester, December 6th.

Why Learn German?

Why do it? Why spend time studying German instead of watching TV or just chilling out? Why is learning German important? Some answers might be obvious, but if you do what people do now with important questions – ask Google – these are some of the reasons you’ll find:

  • Business Advantage – Being bilingual can give a job applicant a competitive edge in an increasingly global economy.
  • Brain Exercise – Studies show learning another language enhances listening skills, boosts creativity, improves memory, and can even stave off Alzheimer’s and dementia for some people.
  • Enhance Travel – Learning German can help make the most of travels not only in German-speaking countries, but also in many other countries where German is widely spoken.
  • Language Proficiency – Focusing on the structures of another language can help you better understand your own language.
  • Meet People – Not only can you meet people when you travel and experience their culture, but you meet classmates and share the language learning experience.

There are many excellent reasons to learn German, and there are at least three excellent reasons to learn German at German School Phoenix:

  • Atmosphere – The teachers at German School Phoenix are warm, friendly and encouraging.
  • Quality – Though the class atmosphere is relaxed, the instructional standards are high.
  • Value – German School Phoenix provides the most “bang for the buck” of the options I explored while searching for a German class.

So come join us and have some fun learning German at German School Phoenix!