Exploring language in all forms of communication

We all want what is best for our children.  I think most people can agree on that.  One of the best things we can do for our children is make sure that their language skills are at their best.  Language really takes on all forms of communication, reading, writing and speaking skills.  When a child knows their language, they can continue to learn and grow.

Studies have also shown that children who take on a second language early on score higher in their communication ability.  Not just in the secondary language, but also in the mother tongue.  This love of communication and language will serve our children well throughout their lives.


Are you speaking proper English?

The more I travel, the more English I hear. Catch phrases and idioms have crept into British English. Americanized words have even found their way into German or Spanish (Everyone knows what the word “computer” means). Much of this has to do with media. American sitcoms (think Seinfeld or Friends) have taken the world by storm. But is the era of spreading American jargon gone? Have we reached a point where there are so many different opportunities and choices that American film, TV and music isn’t the worldwide domination we once had?   Some seem to think so.


How will you lead with German

There is no doubt there are many benefits tio learning another language. However, when you are researching which language to learn it can be a rather tough decision. You might look at what is spoken around you regionally. You might take into consideration what international markets are opening up and how that might affect your career. Or you might even pick a language based solely on your own heritage.

Learning the German Language, might just fit the bill for all your reasons. Here are 10 good reasons to add German to your language of choice:



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