And the winner is…..

This semester we were able to give out book awards to our outstanding students!  It was tough decisions as we have some really awesome students but here are the winners for Spring 2016!

Beginner I: Lin Howard, she expresses complete dedication to the German class and she attended all classes except for one.

Beginner 2 Class: Steve Doyle:  Steve is a ‘fleißiger Lerner’, (a hard-working learner) who has done every homework assignment and comes to class with excellent questions and preparation.  He is very motivated to be able to speak German with his wife and family as they travel to Germany for a visit this Summer.

Intermediate I: Dana Dewes, she is a hard worker and does all homework assignments. She also is very dedicated to the German class.

Intermediate 2: Jim Barnett.  Jim is a highly talented and dedicated student who participates actively in classroom discussions.  Although he already speaks German at a high level, he has a high degree of commitment to continuous improvement.

Advanced Class: Darlene Craig:  Darleve is engagiert, tüchtig und positiv! (dedicated, diligent and positive) She contributes substantially to our classroom discussions, striving to use new expressions and forms in her German.  Darlene is also a German School Phoenix Volunteer and will use her German this Spring as she visits family and friends in Germany.

Congratulations to our winners and happy reading this summer!


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