And the winner is…. !!!

We ran our first ever drawing for a Schultüte this semester.  A Schultüte is a cone of goodies that is handed to children on their first day of school.  It is filled with all sorts of goodies from chocolate and cookies to school supplies.  We thought it would be fun to hand one out on our first day of school too!  Entry was simple.  Register before August 10th.  We are happy to say we had over 50 people register already!  We created 3 Schultüte, 2 for the adult registrants and 1 for the children’s class.  I am happy to announce the winners of this semester’s contest!

Greg Geyer

Tiffany Verberne

and Luka Fuetterer from our Children’s Class!

We would like to thank everyone for participating and wish you all luck for next semester’s drawing due by December 10th!

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